Natural Sleep Aid Supplements for Insomnia

Natural Sleep Aid Dietary Supplements for Insomnia

natural sleep aid dietary supplements insomnia

Neuro-Natural Sleep dietary supplements are specially formulated as a healthy natural sleep aid. The following health information discusses insomnia, and suggests the use of a non-prescription natural sleep aid, to avoid the dependency issues associated with conventional sleep medications.

Insomnia: Definition

Insomnia is characterized by lack of sleep, or restless, poor quality sleep. Insomnia is generally defined as a difficulty in going to sleep, which may also include frequently waking unrefreshed throughout the night. Insomnia is not a disease, but rather a symptom with an underlying cause.

Insomnia: Description

Restorative sleep gives your body the chance to recuperate and regenerate. Without it your body and mind would become weary and easily malfunction. Various illnesses and viral or bacterial infections can result. Insomnia can affect you at any age, although you may become more susceptible to it as you get older.

Some 49% of adults worldwide have reported brief periods of difficulty sleeping. 10% of adults claim they have had insomnia lasting at least two weeks. Over 100 million Americans are estimated to have sleep problems. One in six of these have chronic insomnia at a serious level. Insomnia and untreated sleep disorders cost Americans about $15 billion in health care expenses annually and possibly $50 billion in lost productivity.

What causes Insomnia?

Trouble sleeping can be caused by physical, emotional and psychological factors, with stress being the number one contributor. Other factors include:

  1. Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders
  2. Medical illnesses, i.e. heart disease, respiratory disease, or disorders of the digestive system which cause physical discomfort, like heartburn
  3. Diabetes or arthritis
  4. Lifestyle factors - caffeine, alcohol, drug use, work patterns, prescription medications

What are the Symptoms?

With ongoing lack of restful restorative sleep - noted by difficulty falling asleep and/or frequent unrefreshed waking - you find you are constantly tired, irritable and generally fatigued. Your patience, memory and concentration will all decrease and your general mood will become more negative. A preoccupation with the need for sleep or anxiety over the lack of sleep is often seen. The more you try to "catch up" on your sleep, the greater your anxiety at not being able to sleep.

Natural Treatment

There are a variety of treatments that may help insomnia. The first step is to recognize that chronic insomnia is a symptom of a deeper problem, perhaps a hidden medical condition or psychological factor, or a nutrient imbalance. You need to treat these underlying causes of insomnia before you can realize longer-lasting results. Studies show that if insomnia is left untreated you are more likely to be involved in a car accident or an accident at work. You also have a significantly higher risk of developing an addiction or a mood disorder, such as depression.

In addition to good dietary practices, regular sleep patterns and exercise, it is necessary to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies and to rebalance the body's natural chemical structure. There are a number of natural ingredients in dietary supplements known to help achieve this without the side effects of prescription drugs: 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), Choline Bitartrate, SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine), D-Phenylalanine (DPA), Chamomile, and Passion Flower.

Natural Sleep Aid for Insomnia: Conclusion

These herbs and nutrients, along with many other individual substances well known for their natural sleep aid properties are readily available in supplement shops and other retail outlets. On their own they will provide you with a certain amount of relief and relaxation. This is extremely limited however and does not tackle your essential need to rebalance your chemical and hormonal discrepancies. On the other hand, Neuro-Natural Sleep aid supplements give you just the right combination of all of these ingredients to provide you with the best natural sleep aid supplement available without a prescription or the use of addictive drugs. Neuro-Natural Sleep aid dietary supplements for occasional insomnia online today!