Natural Supplements Relieve Depression Stress Anxiety

Natural Dietary Supplements Relieve Depression, Stress and Anxiety

natural dietary supplements relieve depression stress anxiety

Neuro-Natural Serenity dietary supplements are specially formulated to help relieve depression, stress & anxiety naturally. The following health information discusses the subjects of depression, stress and anxiety.

Depression, Stress & Anxiety: Definitions

Depression is a mental state of gloom and sadness that lasts for more than a few days. It is a down-turn in mood that can either be due to something trivial or something more traumatic, but in both cases the feeling is continuous, lingers and interferes with everyday life.

Stress is a state of emotional strain, possibly producing physical strain on your body. Stress can be caused by a range of physiological and psychological triggers, often leading to physical effects in the body.

Anxiety is a combination of feeling fearful, nervous, restless and apprehensive. It is often accompanied by physical symptoms such as a tight feeling in the chest or irregular breathing. It can be psychological or medical.

Depression: Description

Depression affects your thoughts, feelings, behavior and mood and as a result your physical health too. It is a medical disorder but has a biological and/or chemical base, making it treatable. It can occur spontaneously, with no known cause, or it can be triggered by a specific event. Depression interferes with your normal daily function. Untreated it can destroy your life. This is common as many people do not recognize their illness and do not seek help. You may not realize it but your internal nutrition (your chemical and hormonal balance) is a major factor in how you feel. Both dietary and chemical nutritional balances are essential in keeping your body and mind healthy.

Depression must be approached in a planned and orderly fashion, as in most cases the patient may need supervision. It is essential that a responsible caregiver is appointed to ensure that the treatment regimen is maintained. Monitoring the patient's behavior, medication levels and various other symptoms may become critical.

Stress is increasingly common. Like anxiety, stress is a normal physical response to danger. It is this reaction that helps us make decisions and react quickly in circumstances needing our immediate attention. Your body releases Cortisol and Adrenaline hormones to help you do this as part of your "fight or flight" response. Troublesome stress occurs when the body has difficulty distinguishing between normal physical responses (to real dangers) and irrational reactions caused by an overload of chemicals and hormones.

What Causes Depression?

Illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease all put you at a higher risk of developing depression disorders. Certain personality traits indicative of low self-esteem and dependency are prone to stress and anxiety. Alcohol, nicotine and mood-altering drugs contribute to depression and anxiety disorders. Medications used for high blood pressure and sleeping pills can also potentially cause depression. In the elderly, heart problems, low thyroid activity, a general increase in the intake of drugs such as beta-blockers and heart drugs like digoxin, steroids and sedatives can trigger depression.

What are the Symptoms?

Because of their overlapping areas of cause and effect, the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety can all be quite similar, and may include: Loss of interest in everyday activities, sleep disturbances, impaired thinking, weight loss or gain, fatigue, low self-esteem, loss of sexual interest, hopelessness, pessimism, restlessness and irritability.

Conventional Treatments

Medications are commonly prescribed world-wide to treat symptoms. Unlike natural dietary supplements however, these medications do not treat the underlying deficiencies that are actually causing these illnesses. Prescription medications also present a real danger to some depression sufferers and serious drug side effects are all too common.

Natural Treatment

Prevention of these states is of course much better than trying to cure them. Ensuring correct nutritional intake to keep your body and mind healthy is essential, along with a balanced lifestyle and dietary regime. Individual nutritional elements are widely available in natural depression supplements to lift your mood and increase related energy. Many of these natural ingredients, and others, have been scientifically proven to be extremely beneficial in both mental and physical health. These include: 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), Phosphatidyl Choline, Huperzine-A, Vinpocentine, D-Phenylalanine, L-Glutamine and Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil containing essential fatty acids from cold-water fish especially DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which is known for multiple health benefits.

Natural Depression Supplements: Conclusion

The combination of the above ingredients in Neuro-Natural Serenity supplements for depression, stress and anxiety provide the best non-prescription natural dietary supplement available today in the alternative health market. Neuro-Natural Serenity dietary health supplements to help relieve stress, anxiety & depression.