Natural Supplements Help Prevent Premature Aging

Natural Anti-aging Supplements Prevent Premature Aging

natural anti-aging dietary health supplements prevent premature aging

Neuro-Natural General dietary supplements are specially formulated to help prevent premature aging, maintain good nervous system health, improve your resistance to degenerative diseases and enhance your overall health and well-being. The health information below pertains to the area of natural anti-aging and how to prevent premature aging.

Aging: Definition

Aging is the process of growing older and showing a progressive deterioration of bodily function over a period of time. Premature aging is a condition in which your organs deteriorate faster than normal, ceasing their proper function before a reasonable expected lifespan.

Premature Aging: Description

The aging process manifests itself in numerous organs. The function of your central nervous system, brain, immune system, endocrine system and cardiovascular system are all affected. Generally, anti-aging medicine tends to focus on relieving the symptoms of aging (aches and pains) rather than trying to understand why your body is beginning to malfunction. However, if premature aging is recognized for what it is and properly treated or even prevented, it is possible to live a longer higher quality life without the pain and restrictions of age-related diseases.

What are the Causes?

Premature aging of your brain, circulation, heart, joints, skin, digestive tract and immune system can begin at any time of life. Various factors cause your body to deteriorate, including injuries, allergies, toxins, heavy metals, smoking, poor nutrition, stress and inactivity. Bad lifestyle choices and nutritional, chemical and hormonal imbalances and auto-immune reactions are the top reasons for health degeneration leading to age-related disease and consequently premature aging.

What are the Symptoms?

Serious conditions can develop suddenly, such as a heart attack or stroke. Generally however your body sends you some kind of message to let you know it is malfunctioning. These messages can take the form of pain, inflammation, joint aches, insufficient blood supply, high blood pressure or muscle weakness. More serious signs can include diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid malfunction, sexual hormone deficiency, other glandular deterioration from decreased hormone levels, or brain atrophy, such as in Alzheimer's disease.

Conventional Treatments

Millions of prescription medicines are provided each year to patients suffering from age-related diseases and symptoms. These medications will sometimes be successful in suppressing symptoms, but hardly ever rectify the underlying condition. There are really no prescription medicines that can prevent premature aging because aging is caused by the wearing out of your organs, through poor lifestyle and nutrient deficiencies. There are also some rather shocking side-effects of conventional treatments; even some well recognized dangers.

Natural Treatment

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Prevention, or at least early diagnosis and treatment of disease is the key to a successful anti-aging campaign. In the conventional medical society however, practitioners are generally untrained in this area. General health practitioners intervene rather than prevent. They are taught how to intervene with disease and stop the furthering of symptoms, but not how to prevent the body from reaching that state in the first place. Although the symptoms and diseases commonly seen with aging are duly recognized, the aging process itself is an area of health generally overlooked. As a result, your health practitioner may wait for the normally expected diseases to appear, then treat the symptoms rather than looking at how to prevent premature aging.

The responsibility for recognizing and monitoring these age-related changes therefore remains with you! Your body gives you continuous signals of its state of health. It is up to you to learn about these changes and recognize what your body is telling you. Many ingredients appear in today's popular natural dietary supplements and are widely recognized by experts for their anti-aging benefits. However, your body needs quality ingredients that will also target the health of your vital organs. Your body can then produce the chemicals your cells need to stay healthy. These natural anti-aging ingredients consist of a wide range of amino acids, antioxidants, bioflavanoids, neuronutrients, herbal extracts, enzymes and specialized trace elements. They must be combined in specific dosages to enhance their overall effectiveness. Many ingredients in natural dietary supplements continue to gain recognition for their anti-aging value through continued studies.

Some of the most important ingredients are not particularly common due to their expense, so "cheap supplements" will not include them in their ingredient list. Some ingredients require specific delivery methods to prevent being destroyed by stomach acid. Also, as our bodies differ in requirement depending on whether we are male or female, some ingredients, from specific enzymes to various herbal extracts, are also needed to accommodate gender-specific problems.

Natural Aging Prevention: Conclusion

Combining Neuro-Natural General and Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil natural dietary supplements provide the quality nutrients your organs need in the correct proportions, and are professionally formulated to provide the best protection. quality natural anti-aging supplements online to help prevent premature aging and enhance your overall health & well-being.